Many states have tried to reduce the incidence of distracted driving crashes by enacting more and tougher legislation. These accidents primarily result from using mobile phones and other types of electronic devices while driving.

Some Merit in these Arguments

In Georgia, fresh teen drivers are banned from using mobile phones when driving. Recently the state extended this enactment by banning all drivers from texting while driving. However, some people consider that these anti-mobile phone prohibitions are far from adequate. Cynics believe that the laws permits such a variety of hand-held communication devices to be used, that imposing a limitation on texting while driving will be difficult to enforce. These criticisms are vindicated since such legislation has not been extended to all drivers.

Controversial Issues

A fresh study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) supports these criticisms because the NHTSA reports an increase of fifty percent in texting while driving during the last year. Apparently almost twenty percent of the drivers asked admitted to texting when driving. This number escalates considerably with teen drivers. The study went on to state that the vast majority of drivers will answer a call on their mobile phone and continue talking while driving. It could certainly be an issue if they are young drivers and do not know how to handle a vehicle that well yet.

A Majority

While the number of traffic deaths dropped by three percent in 2010, the number of deaths resulting from driving distractions increased considerably over the same year. In 2010, according to NHTSA figures, driving distractions accounted for 3,100 deaths. These numbers are cause for concern because while an increasing number of states are banning texting and driving, the new legislation appears to be having little to no impact. This ban exists currently in 35 states.

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