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Boat Accidents

Taylor King Law has been representing our friends and neighbors for more than 30 years.

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If you were injured in a boat accident, trust our local team of injury attorneys to be on your side – by your side. We’ve been representing our friends in neighbors in Arkansas for nearly 30 years – we’d be honored to represent you.

What to Know About Boating Crashes

We’re known in the Natural State for our beautiful lakes and rivers, but our waterways become dangerous when boaters aren’t keeping them safe.

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Causes of Boating Accident


The penalties for boating under the influence is the exact same as the penalties for a DUI. Drinking and driving a boat is as dangerous as drinking and driving a vehicle. In fact, drinking when combined with the sun and the waves of the water can be even more dangerous.


The number one cause of boating accidents is operator inattention. Distracted driving is just as dangerous on the water as it is on the road.

Between what’s happening on your own boat, plus the sometimes erratic paths of other boats, it’s easy to lose focus and become distracted.


Knowing how to drive a vehicle doesn’t prepare someone for driving a boat. Of the 89 drivers involved in a boating accident in 2020, only 28 of them had taken a boating education course in Arkansas.

A boating education course is mandatory for anyone in Arkansas born after 1985 who is operating a motorboat or sailboat. But it’s recommended everyone, regardless of age, take a boating education course who plans to operate a motorboat, sailboat, canoe, or kayak.

Not knowing how to properly operate a vessel, as well as not knowing Arkansas boating laws can lead to a dangerous accident.

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Taylor King Law has been serving Arkansans for nearly 30 years. And with over 275 years of combined experience, we’re more than ready to help you with your boat accident injury claim. We know Arkansas’ boating laws, and we know how to ensure you receive the care and compensation that you deserve.

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