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Paraquat Lawsuits

Lawsuits are being actively filed for those who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease linked to the herbicide, paraquat. The product liability lawyers at Taylor King Law are reviewing potential class action lawsuits and individual claims at no cost.

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Paraquat Linked to Parkinson’s Disease

According to an extensive study outlined by Environmental Health Perspectives, there is a strong association between the use of herbicides and Parkinson’s Disease. Mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress are “pathophysiological mechanisms” tied to the development of Parkinson’s Disease. Additional research indicates that paraquat causes cell death via oxidative stress, further linking paraquat to Parkinson’s Disease.

While genetics has long been thought to be the cause of Parkinson’s Disease, researchers now believe that genetics account for only 1 in 10 cases of Parkinson’s. Over the past two decades, herbicides, including paraquat, have been considered a leading risk associated with Parkinson’s Disease. A study by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences indicated that farmers using paraquat were 2.5 times more likely to develop Parkinson’s.

What is Paraquat?

Paraquat is a non-residual contact herbicide that was developed in the 1960s. According to the CDC, paraquat is a toxic chemical used in weed and grass control. Because it’s highly poisonous, numerous measures are in place to protect users, and paraquat is restricted to licensed applicators only.

How Dangerous is Paraquat?

Paraquat is highly dangerous. Contact with paraquat causes “direct damage” to the user’s skin, mouth, stomach, and intestines, as well as toxic chemical reactions throughout the user’s body.

Paraquat poisoning takes place when paraquat is ingested, inhaled, or contacted. Due to its high toxicity, paraquat has been banned in 32 countries, including the European Union. Worldwide, however, paraquat continues to be one of the most widely used herbicides.

Since 2000, twenty people have died due to either accidental ingestion or inhalation of paraquat, as well as allowing the herbicide onto the skin or into the eyes. Beginning in 2016, the United States Environmental Protection Agency began finalizing measures to stop the poisonings associated with paraquat.

Who Is at Risk of Paraquat Poisoning?

Compensation may be available to individuals who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and have been exposed to the herbicide, paraquat. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Farmers, Farm Workers, and/or Farm Hands
  • Herbicide Applicators
  • Chemical Mixers and/or Distributors
  • Anyone Living In or Near a Farming Community

Research by the National Library of Medicine indicated that homes within 500 miles of the use of paraquat were at an increased risk of Parkinson’s Disease by 75%. And additional research into ambient exposure revealed that exposure to paraquat at both workplaces and residences resulted in the “substantial risk” of Parkinson’s Disease.

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