2018 Fatal Car Accident Statistics in Arkansas

2018 Fatal Car Accident Statistics in Arkansas

According to Arkansas State Police archives, there were 447 fatal car wrecks in the state of Arkansas in 2018. Accidents include head-on collisions, single-vehicle accidents, drunk driving accidents, pedestrian fatalities, trucking, and train collisions. Those 447 wrecks lead to 492 deaths.

  • 447 Fatal Car Accidents in 2018
  • 492 People Died in Car Accidents in 2018

Since 2010, it’s the 2nd lowest number of fatal car wrecks in the state. There were 435 fatal car accidents in 2014.

Car Wreck Deaths in Arkansas
*per Arkansas State Police archives

Deadliest Month in Arkansas in 2018

June was the most dangerous month to be on the road in 2018. There were 48 fatal car wrecks in the month of June. May was close with 47 accidents. The fewest number of wrecks occurred in the month of February. There were 25 fatal car accidents in February.

  • 48 Fatal Car Wrecks in June (Highest)
  • 25 Fatal Car Wrecks in February (Lowest)
Arkansas Car Wreck Statistics 2018
*per Arkansas State Police archives

Deadliest Interstate in Arkansas in 2018

Of the 447 fatal accidents, 63 of those occurred on Arkansas interstates (14%). The most dangerous interstate in Arkansas in 2018 was Interstate 40. 24 fatal car wrecks took place on Interstate 40 in Arkansas. I-40 connects Tennessee (Memphis) through Little Rock to Oklahoma (near Fort Smith). The fewest number of fatal accidents (1) occurred on Interstate 555 and Interstate 540.

  • 63 Fatal Accidents on Interstates in 2018 (14% of total accidents)
  • 24 Fatal Accidents on Interstate 40 (Highest)
Deadliest Interstates in Arkansas 2018
*per Arkansas State Police archives

Deadliest Highway in Arkansas in 2018

The most dangerous highway in Arkansas in 2018 was Highway 167.

Altogether, there were 16 fatal car accidents on Highway 167. 11 fatal car wrecks took place on Highway 167, and there were an additional 5 accidents on Highway 167/67. Highway 167 runs south from Ash Flat through Cave City and Batesville before connecting with Highway 67. Highway 167 then continues south through Searcy, Cabot, Sheridan, Fordyce, Hampton, and El Dorado before crossing into Louisiana. Additionally, 10 fatal wrecks occurred on Highway 67 itself, for a combined 15 fatal car accidents in 2018 on Highway 67.

Highway 167 had the most fatal accidents in total and also the most accidents per mile. A fatal wreck occurred every 16.1 miles on Highway 167 in 2018.

Highway 412 also had 16 fatal car accidents in 2018, but only 17.9 fatal wrecks per mile. Highway 412 spans the northern part of the state running through towns that include Paragould, Walnut Ridge, Salem, Ash Flat, Mountain Home, Yellville, Harrison, Springdale, Tontitown, and Siloam Springs.

  • 16 Fatal Car Accidents on Highway 412 and Highway 167 (Highest)
  • Highway 412 and Highway 167 both run through Ash Flat


10 Deadliest Highways in Arkansas in 2018

(T)1: Highway 412 (16)

(T)1: Highway 167 (16)

(T)3: Highway 62 (15)

(T)3: Highway 67 (15)

(T)5: Highway 7 (14)

(T)5: Highway 65 (14)

7: Highway 64 (11)

(T)8: Highway 71 (10)

(T)8: Highway 63 (10)

(T)10: Highway 16 (7)

(T)10: Highway 270 (7)

Deadliest Highways in Arkansas 2018
*per Arkansas State Police archives


10 Deadliest Highways Per Mile in Arkansas in 2018*

*Arkansas highways with at least 3 or more fatal accidents.

1: Highway 167 (fatal wreck every 16.1 miles)

2. Highway 89 (fatal wreck every 16.6 miles)

3: Highway 412 (fatal wreck every 17.9 miles)

4: Highway 67 (fatal wreck every 18.6 miles)

5: Highway 7 (fatal wreck every 21.2 miles)

6. Highway 115 (fatal wreck every 21.3 miles)

7: Highway 62 (fatal wreck every 21.9 miles)

8: Highway 77 (fatal wreck every 22.0 miles)

9: Highway 65 (fatal wreck every 22.1 miles)

10: Highway 270 (fatal wreck every 22.2 miles)

  • Per mile, the most dangerous highway in Arkansas was Highway 167. There was a fatal accident roughly every 16.1 miles. Highway 167 in Arkansas is 259 miles long.


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3 Ways to Make Arkansas Roads Safer

Look Twice, Save a Life: Check for motorcycles.

It Can Wait: Don’t drive distracted.

Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving: Don’t drink and drive.


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