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Benzene Lawsuits Against Sunscreen Makers

Lawsuits are being actively filed against sunscreen manufacturers, including Neutrogena and Johnson & Johnson. According to the lawsuits, dozens of popular sunscreens contained benzene, a known carcinogen.

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Benzene Found in Sunscreen

According to a new study, benzene may be found in a number of sunscreen products. Valisure, a pharmaceutical testing lab, found high concentrations of benzene in numerous sunscreen products.

The report indicates 78 different products were found to contain the carcinogen, benzene. The report, released in May of 2021, lists the following manufacturers:

  • Neutrogena
  • Raw Elements
  • CVS Health
  • Up & Up
  • SunBurnt
  • Banana Boat
  • Goodsense
  • TopCare
  • EltaMD
  • BabyGanics
  • Coppertone
  • Walgreens
  • Max Block
  • Solimo
  • Equate
  • Aveeno
  • Sun Bum
  • La Roche-Posay

Is There Benzene in My Sunscreen?

Benzene was found in 78 different batches of sunscreen and after-sun products; however, benzene is not an ingredient listed in those products. Research suggests that the carcinogen, benzene, found in sunscreen is due to contamination during the manufacturing process.

“The problem we’re seeing appears to be contamination from the manufacturing process and not an inherent problem with sunscreen,” according to David Light, CEO of Valisure.

Lawsuits against Neutrogena and Johnson & Johnson allege that the makers have violated federal law, advertising their products as both safe and effective, while not disclosing that benzene, “a well-established cause of cancer in humans,” was an ingredient found in the products.

To see the full list of sunscreen and sun-care products containing benzene: Valisure Citizen Petition

Is Benzene Dangerous?

Benzene is a colorless, or light-yellow, chemical known to cause cancer in humans. The World Health Organization has classified benzene as a Category 1 Carcinogen, meaning strong evidence has tied benzene to DNA damage leading to cancer.

Exposure to benzene increases the risk of leukemia and other blood disorders, according to the National Cancer Institute.

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