Who Should I Call After a Car Accident?

In the moments after a car wreck, there are a lot of decisions to make. One of the most important:

Who Should You Call First After an Accident? 

Some might say the answer depends on the severity of the accident, but the attorneys at Taylor King Law agree that your first call should always be to 911. Whether the damage is major or minor, there are several advantages to dialing that three-digit number right away. 

“After a car wreck, your first call should be to 911.”

911 for Major Wrecks: Get Immediate Medical Care 

In the case of a major accident – in which one or more passengers have severe injuries – calling 911 ensures that emergency medical services will respond immediately. Every minute counts after a major crash, and it’s vital to get medical treatment as quickly as possible.

Minor Accidents: Why Call 911? 

If the wreck seems minor – that is, injuries are minimal or the damage is limited to the vehicles – calling 911 may seem like a less obvious decision. But it’s an efficient one. You’ll need law enforcement to respond to the accident site, but most people don’t have the number of their local police department memorized. 

The 911 operator can help determine which types of aid you need at the scene: 

  • Law enforcement: This may be the local police department, county sheriff’s office, or state police. Even if there are no injuries, getting an official police report is a crucial step. 
  • Emergency medical services: Depending on passenger injuries, the operator may send an ambulance to the wreck site. 
  • Fire department: In the event that one or both vehicles pose a fire hazard.

Next Steps After an Accident

After the Accident: Call Your Doctor 

You may choose not to call an ambulance or visit the Emergency Room after a wreck. Perhaps your injuries seemed minimal at the time. You may have experienced a rush of adrenaline at the scene, only to feel pain develop hours or days later. Whatever the reason, it’s still vital to call your Primary Care Physician and get a thorough check-up. 

The longer you wait to see a doctor after a car wreck, the more difficult it will be to prove the cause of your injuries. More importantly, it can put your physical health in jeopardy. 

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Next Steps: Call an Attorney 

Once you’ve received medical care, ensured a police report is filed, and removed your vehicle from the scene, consider making another phone call – this one to an experienced Arkansas personal injury lawyer. Major accidents often require major legal help. An attorney will advocate for your legal rights, preserve evidence, and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve, all while you focus on the recovery process. 

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Additional Questions?

Find answers to our most commonly asked questions after an accident, including how to get your car fixed and what do if you were involved in an intersection collision: Frequently Asked Questions

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