In the previous article we discussed how there exists special issues which make car accident litigation difficult for the victim. The victim in the majority of the cases is not only injured and often traumatized, but also has to bear the financial losses that accompanies an incident of this magnitude. This is why there are hardworking car accident lawyers out there that work hard to make a positive difference.

Common but Unforeseeable Situations
Insurance companies may deny personal injury claims stating that it was your fault. Continuing with this theme, it is cardinal that these other special circumstances that you can encounter are known to you. They are:

Car-Bicycle Accidents – Cyclists not only face the danger from moving cars but also are in equal danger from parked or unmoving cars. Cyclists often become injured when car drivers or passengers open their door without paying attention and knock a cyclist off their bike leading to serious injuries for the undeserving cyclist. Since proving your innocence or the other party’s guilt is difficult, having an effective personal injury lawyer by your side is highly recommended.

Bus Accidents – Considering the size of the buses on city roads, injuries sustained during bus accidents are often grave. Problems may arise if the vehicle in question is a school or passenger bus. This is why you need to hire a hard charging but tactful lawyer for your case.

Tractor Trailer Accidents – Although regulations state that drivers should not work beyond the stipulated hours, drivers of these 18-wheelers are paid by the miles they drive, and sometimes work beyond their stipulated hours. Extended working hours means exhaustion and serious tractor trailer accidents. However, proving all this in court is difficult. This is why you need to hire an attorney who can negotiate well and knows how to swing court room debates or mediation sessions in your favor.

Vehicular Modifications – Second hand passenger vehicles are modified by dealers to save money. These modifications or alterations can sometimes place aesthetics above safety. Many times, these alterations result in automobile accidents.
Road Debris – This is one of the most difficult forms of litigation. Any road debris left behind by a passing vehicle or construction work or any other reason may cause damage to other vehicles or injuries to the occupants of these vehicles. This debris can cause a wreck.

Rectifying a Wrong
As stated, all of these cases are difficult and need to be handled by an experienced, and committed attorney. Call Taylor King at 1-800-CAR-WRECK for a free consultation today.

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