Chad Owens Joins Taylor King Law in Jonesboro

We’re pleased to welcome Chad Owens to our team of attorneys at Taylor King Law.

He officially joined the Taylor King law firm in January of 2024.

Experience In and Out of the Legal Field

Chad’s taken a unique path to Taylor King Law. Before becoming a lawyer, Chad attended ASU in Jonesboro. Following ASU, he attended Hendrix College in Conway. Chad later spent three years as an x-ray and CT tech in the emergency department of a central Arkansas hospital. He then spent one year as a freelance journalist. Chad followed that with two years as an administrative assistant for the Arkansas Access to Justice Commission.

The Access to Justice Commission helps Arkansans get legal help when they otherwise can’t afford representation. It was his experience with the Justice Commission that opened his eyes to the impact an attorney can have.

Following law school at Bowen, Chad worked for eight years doing insurance defense, banking, creditor’s rights, evictions, and probate cases. According to Chad, “I decided I wanted to try something new and spent two years as a public defender in criminal court. Now I’m back to working civil cases, this time on the side of plaintiffs who have been wrongfully injured.”

Joining TKL in Jonesboro

“I grew up in Wynne, went to college in Jonesboro, briefly moved to Little Rock, and have lived in Jonesboro since 2014.” Jonesboro is where Chad and his wife, Carman, have raised their family. According to Chad, “It’s a great place to raise a family. I can’t think of a nicer community. Everyone is so friendly, and helpful.”

“I love it in Jonesboro.”

Becoming a Lawyer at Taylor King Law

On why he chose to become a lawyer, “Before I went to law school, I spent two years working for the Arkansas Access to Justice Commission. The AATJ Commission supports legal aid programs in Arkansas that provide attorneys for people who live in poverty, need a lawyer, but can’t afford to hire one. Through that work, I observed the unique way that an attorney can help others in so many areas of life. This inspired me to become an attorney, too, so that I can help others in their time of need.”

On choosing to join TKL, “Taylor King Law has a stellar reputation for caring for their clients. There’s nothing better than to help someone receive justice and compensation and justice when they deserve it.”

Outside the office, Chad enjoys traveling, hiking with his wife, Carman, and playing with his three children. He also enjoys reading and learning new things on YouTube.

Legal questions? You can reach Chad at 870.277.1177 or via email at [email protected]. Further, you can schedule a free legal consultation online, and meet with Chad in our Jonesboro office.

We’re located at 1920 East Matthews Avenue in Jonesboro.

You can find Chad’s full attorney profile on our website here:

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