The Advantages of Hiring a Local Law Firm

Hiring the best law firm for your legal needs is an important choice. Legal matters are serious business that require experience and expertise. You’ll need a competent attorney who can fight for your legal rights. But the choice isn’t always straightforward.

With hundreds of law firms to choose from, how do you choose the right one for your legal matter? When it comes to choosing the right law firm, we believe that one of the most important factors is choosing a local law firm.

7 reasons to choose a local attorney in AR

Allow us to explain why choosing a local lawyer matters:


Local law firms have better local community ties and relationships. They’re going to
know the judges, court clerks, and how litigation generally works in your particular county or town.

Attorneys will collaborate often with medical professionals, witnesses, investigators, and more. These roles all play an important part in your case by providing critical services, important information, and valuable insights.

A local personal injury lawyer will know which medical doctors are willing to treat a car accident victim. They’ll know which expert witnesses are best equipped to speak to your particular case.

Having these close relationships can help boost your case’s chances of winning by local law firms giving you access to the best resources in town.


It’s important to have people on your side—and by your side—that know how things
work in your local courtroom. Like how some arguments can be more appealing to one judge over another, or how certain judges prefer certain styles of argument in the courtroom compared to another.

These types of things can only be learned by being in the courtroom, thus experience is super important when choosing a law firm, especially locally.

Local lawyers best understand community dynamics. This knowledge of a community can be crucial, especially in personal injury law. Experience with a region means your attorney will be better able to empathize and advocate on your behalf.

Local Laws & Regulations

An in-depth knowledge of local laws and regulations provides an immeasurable boost to your case. Every personal injury case is different, as is every community. Every town’s courtroom is different and unique in its own way.

Laws are extensive and some are more closely followed than others. For example, if you were to get in a car accident and hire a personal injury lawyer that’s local, they’re more likely to know the road laws, conditions, and problematic junctions in your area.

Arkansas Courthouse Lawyers

A big-box law firm from Pennsylvania or Alabama may have flashy advertising to gain your attention, but they don’t have an extensive knowledge of Arkansas laws. Whatever state you’re in, make sure your attorney knows the law inside and out.

Hiring an out-of-state attorney can quickly turn your case for the worse. It can offend your judge, or damage the attorney’s reputation if they don’t know a local rule while arguing on your behalf.


Reputation is very important to an attorney, as is following through on promises to help you win your case. Being in court or settling claims can show you just how often your attorneys do such.

When an attorney is local and committed to their community, you can expect that they’ll value the respect of their neighbors and town. They shop at the same grocery store, attend the same schools and churches, and frequent the same restaurants as you.

Local attorneys are more likely to keep a calm and level head in their home court and take care of you. Being in a setting where they are known, local attorneys are more likely to show up prepared, and have a thorough strategic approach for your claim and to protect yourself.


Hiring an attorney near you will be more beneficial because of how convenient it is for your case. Meetings will be easier held if closer to home as opposed to hiring outside firms that would be more hesitant to meet because of distance.

Some nationwide firms will claim a local address as a means of growing their caseload but it’s nothing more than a room tucked into an office building with little to no accessibility.

Being on home turf can be much less stressful during the claims process. National firms are much more spread out, and so are their resources and time. Online legal is in the same boat as well, which makes cases harder to take.

Small Business in Arkansas Arkadelphia

Local law firms can handle bigger caseloads more efficiently, giving them greater accessibility during your case. Local attorneys will always be able to provide immediate demand and attention at your fingertips. It’s also easier to get questions answered and see your cases progress when hiring locally.

Reaching out to someone right down the road will reduce stress and uncertainties.

Committed to Your Community

You may have heard the phrase “support local” but what does it really mean? Choosing a small business ensures that local communities thrive. When you choose a local law firm, you’re investing in your community.

Plus, you’re choosing an attorney who is equally committed to your community. Local law firms care about their neighborhoods and other local businesses. They want to see your town or city thrive in the same way that you do.

Nationwide firms will invest in big splashy marketing schemes to gain your attention. But a local law firm will invest in local schools and teams. They’ll invest in the local 5k, nearby Motorcycle Runs, and town dog parks because they believe in supporting their community.

Cost Effective

Hiring a national firm can come with so many surprise bumps in the road and bills that
you might not have expected. Big firms tend to charge for their name brand, which isn’t what you want during a stressful time.

Affordability is important when searching for law firms and hiring local can help with this. Local law firms often operate at lower costs and expenses which shows that they can tailor their services to you and align more so with your budget.

Local firms are more transparent with their cost of services breakdowns, provide examples beforehand of fees, and are flexible with payment options to aid in any financial constraints you may have.

Looking to Hire a Local Law Firm in Arkansas?

Taylor King Law began as a way to help friends and neighbors struggling with their personal injury claims. It’s since grown into one of Arkansas’ largest personal injury law firms.

We have been serving Arkansans for over 30 years. And we’ve been committed to serving our local communities for that entire span.

Nationally recognized, we have the expertise to handle every personal injury claim. But more importantly, we’re consistently recognized by the communities we serve. With awards from the Arkansas Times, Democrat-Gazette, River Valley Gazette, NWA Times, AY Magazine, Arkansas Life, Little Rock Soiree, the Arkadelphian, and more, we relish the opportunity to show our commitment to Arkansans.

With over 275 years of combined experience, we know what it takes to win your legal battle.

We now have seven law offices across the state of Arkansas, including one in Texas. And if you can’t come to us, then we’ll come to you! We have investigators who cover every corner of the state.

You can call us toll-free at 1-800-305-0529 or visit us online. You can text us anytime or utilize our website’s chat feature. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions. If you need a local injury law firm, please call us and allow Taylor King to be on your side – by your side.

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