Trucking accidents are more complex than normal traffic accidents. Invariably there is more than one party involved – the owner and the driver – which makes fixing responsibility more difficult. Getting data on what went wrong is also rather involved and often requires the services of an industry insider like a truck accident lawyer. Recovering compensation, if you are the victim in a truck accident, requires a thorough understanding of how truck accidents happen and the involvement of the various concerned parties and their connections with the truck and trailer. A truck accident attorney will cut through the maze of confusion and tell you whether you have a valid claim, and if so how best to present your case.

By the Numbers

Industry watchers contend that the number of truck accidents have increased by a staggering 20% in the last two decades. Currently 15.5 million trucks ply on U.S. roads, with 2 million being tractor trailers. The U.S. Department of Transport estimates that there are roughly 500,000 truck accidents each year. In 75% of these accidents which involved passenger vehicles, the driver of the passenger vehicle was responsible for the accident. It is estimated that in only 16% of truck accidents was the truck driver at fault. Nonetheless, truck accidents typically cause more damage than other vehicle accidents because of their enormous size and weight of the commercial truck.

The State they are Licensed Too

The trucking industry is governed by federal laws which often determine responsibility in a truck accident case. Additionally, trucks are also accountable to the trucking laws of the respective state Department of Transportation in which they apply.

Several Parties

In a trucking accident the responsibility might vest with a plethora of players. These would include the driver, the owner, the person leasing the truck or trailer, the vehicle manufacturer if it can be proved that the accident was caused by mechanical failure, and the shipper or loader of the cargo where improper loading could be the cause of accident. The question often arises as to which insurance company is at the paying end. An experienced truck accident attorney could save you much time and heartburn by telling you exactly who is responsible and against whom to raise your claim for compensation.

Pursuing the Truth

This truck accident lawyer can determine this because they know investigators who can sniff out information. They utilize their expertise, experience, and legal authority because your attorney and their investigators know how to subpoena information and work together to uncover what really happened on that road or highway.




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