I am home for the holidays! That means popcorn garland to eat, extended family to sniff, and Christmas sweaters to AVOID! I’ve been helping decorate for Christmas at the Taylor King Law Office. My puppy paws aren’t the best at wrapping gifts, but I’m really good at picking out ornaments to hang on the tree. Plus, my tail can sweep up pine needles faster then you can say “Kris Kringle.” I’m telling you, as soon as I hear some Christmas music something happens inside of me that I can’t explain!

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year, so I really want to spread the cheer throughout Arkansas. I was at the Arkadelphia office howling Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and searching for a peanut butter cookie recipe for Santa when Taylor King loaded me up in the car. He told me we were on the way to Fort Smith, Arkansas. We turned onto Rogers Avenue to see Taylor King’s sign above his brand new office! And as an added treat, cousin Buddy was on a billboard right across the street! Taylor King was sharing the new office in Fort Smith with me for Christmas and it was all I could do not to “excited pee” right there in the car.

Y’all be on the lookout for me while I make my rounds this holiday season! I never turn down a good belly rub!



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