How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

OH MY – Can you believe summer is over!? It’s Bradi Bear here to let everyone in on the best tips to keep your dog safe while riding in the car AND share some top items for pet safety while traveling.

Why am I compelled, you might ask? Well, it just so happens I was recently in a tire blowout experience with my human! One of those pesky potholes blew out my human’s tire and messed up the wheel! Thank GOODNESS we were able to exit the interstate safely without hitting or getting hit by any cars (although I do know a good personal injury lawyer). I felt a big pop and bump, but thankfully my human had me safe and sound. 

I’ll tell you how to keep your pup safe, too!

Best Tips for Traveling with a Dog

TIP NUMBER 1: When you’re driving, always keep your dog secure and restrained in a crate, safety harness, or barrier. No matter the distance you’re traveling, letting pups roam free throughout the car is distracting for you and dangerous for them. And make sure that crate is secure; bouncing around isn’t good for a pup’s nerves!

TIP NUMBER 2: If you are planning on taking a long road trip and your pup isn’t used to the car, trying starting with some shorter trips so they can acclimate to the crate/harness and car ride. Also, be sure they take a potty break before you get on the road!

TIP NUMBER 3: Don’t let your pup ride in the back of a truck! I know it might look fun, but it creates a huge risk for your pet – they could be hit by flying debris, jump or fall out, and get lost or hurt! 

TIP NUMBER 4: Take your dog on a nice walk before embarking on a long drive! A tired pup is a sleepy pup, and a sleepy pup is a SAFE pup. I sure don’t want to become a projectile object because I’ve used my endless energy to wiggle out of my harness.

“A sleepy pup is a SAFE pup.”
Photo by Isaac Davis

TIP NUMBER 5: Harness pups in the second row, not the front. This gives pets a little more room to stand up or lay down while also protecting them from front-row airbags. Their body isn’t designed to handle that impact!

BONUS: It should go without saying, but remember it is WAY too hot to leave your pet in the car. We can’t cool ourselves down, and we even have on a fur coat! Never leave your pet unattended in a vehicle.

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