Golf carts are primarily designed for recreational use. But often some inherent defect prevents them from operating the way they should and the cart becomes the cause of a catastrophic injury. At least 4,000 golf carts have been recalled by Club Car LLC according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSA).

Fire Hazard

A number of reports relate to a frequently occurring flaw which generates a crack in a critical component of the fuel tank. The gasoline leaks through the crack creating a significant risk which has been the cause of many explosions and fires.

Drinking & Driving

Under defective product liability the manufacturer, distributor, and retailer are all liable for injuries caused because of a defective golf cart. While the cart typically moves at a gentle pace, it still has the potential of being the source of a serious or catastrophic injury.

Choices Galore

If you have sustained injuries because of a golf cart accident, you don’t have to have been the purchaser of the vehicle to be able to claim compensation. If you are reasonably satisfied that your injuries were caused by a defective product, and can prove it, you can recover compensation for the injuries and related expenses under a number of different theories of product liability.

Not a Factor

If you had rented the cart from a country club, a resort, or rental company it makes no difference. You might still be able to recover from both the manufacturer and the rental agency.

Rule Nothing Out

Golf cart injuries can be serious and have long-term implications. Very often a trusting golfer might not be aware that the primary cause of the accident was a defective golf cart. If you have been the victim of a golf cart accident and have sustained injury, consult an accident attorney to determine if you have cause for a compensation claim.




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