Drunk Driving and its Impact on Others

Drunk driving accidents are becoming increasingly common in the United States. Statistics suggest that 30 percent of Americans will encounter an alcohol-related accident in a motor vehicle at some stage of their lives. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 1,700 Americans lost their lives in auto accidents in 2005. About 75 percent of these deaths were caused due to accidents where the driver was intoxicated with blood alcohol concentrations (BAC) of 0.08 percent or more.

The Luck Runs Out

Alcohol in the bloodstream impairs a driver’s judgment and delays reaction time. This is a serious impediment which puts other drivers on the road at risk. A driver might be lucky enough to not have to encounter any situation which tests his/her reflexes, and gets away without being in an accident and putting someone else in the hospital (no one really cares if they end up putting themselves in the hospital). But driving on the road is not always smooth sailing and sometimes the luck runs out – often times to an innocent person’s detriment.

Terrible Scenarios

Every driver would at some stage have encountered a situation which would call for a quick response to something unpredictable when operating a vehicle. Accidents occur when a driver is intoxicated and unable to respond to such a crisis because of slow or impaired reflexes. Unfortunately, it is often the innocent drivers or passengers who suffer catastrophic injuries because of drunk drivers. The worst part is, the drunk driver does not even realize it until after they sober up. Once in a while they even get away with it because they keep on driving and witnesses and evidence is scarce.

Locating a Talented Auto Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in an accident with a drunk driver, the driver will be punished for violating the law and causing the accident. But a criminal court will not compensate you or anyone injured in the accident. In a situation like this you need to see an accident lawyer to hold the drunk driver responsible and compensate you for your injuries, suffering, and financial impact in your personal and professional life.

Seeking Financial Justice

In such accidents speak to an accident attorney before you speak to an insurance adjuster. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to settle claims for the least amount they can get away with. You might, with proper legal advice, be able to recover compensation on various counts including hospital treatment, ongoing medical costs, and lost wages, amongst others. This is the logical path you should be on and you will most likely be as motivated as your car accident lawyer is in seeking retribution.




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