Serious injuries due to defective medical devices and dangerous drugs are on the increase despite strenuous efforts by health authorities, federal agencies, physicians, and pharmacists. The rising incidence of drug recalls underscores the fact that FDA approval is no assurance that a drug is perfectly safe. The sale of defective medical devices and dangerous drugs leads to major health risks including disabilities and hospitalization as well as serious injuries. In some cases defective medical products have necessitated more serious surgical procedures to correct damage resulting from medical product defects.

A Sidenote

Do not forget about prescription mistakes as well. The drugs may be safe but you may be allergic to them or the doctor may have prescribed the wrong drugs to you. It may not be the drug’s fault at all; this would be human error.

The Race to the Finish

Many pharmaceutical and medical device companies often fast-track a product or aggressively promote it knowing the possibility of a recall if side effects from the drug begin to manifest themselves, or if a device proves defective. Salespersons pressurize consumers to ask for a particular device or drug or try to persuade physicians to prescribe it. In their eagerness to release the next wonder drug or medical device, manufacturing companies can and often do place the consumer at significant risk.

Risks Overlooked

Drug and medical device manufacturers are duty bound to make products that are safe for use. As a measure of additional caution they are required to provide warning labels to guide physicians and pharmacists who prescribe and dispense medications and devices. Unfortunately, in the interest of pursuing profits, many drug companies and medical device manufacturers disregard these precautions knowing full well that a drug could cause harmful side effects or that a medical device could be injurious to those that use it (certainly more often than not).

The Big Picture

Let’s not forget though that without drug and medical device companies the civilized world and even the uncivilized world would not have the standard of living, the quality of life, or the life expectancy without any of these products. None of these products or machines were invented by any government agency either.

Hiring a Winner

Furthermore, if you or any member of your family have been affected by adverse reactions to drugs or have been injured because of a faulty medical device, you might be entitled to claim for compensation under a defective device or defective drug lawsuit. A personal injury lawyer will be able to make an assessment of your case and guide you in preparing a claim for damages.




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