Consider the following statistics:

About 22,000 deaths take place every year in the U.S. because of defective products according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Defective consumer products account for 30 million injuries every year

Defective toys injure 220,000 children every year

Roughly 7 percent of personal injury lawsuits in the country relate to defective product liability claims

In 2007, defective consumer products caused 176 deaths and over 19,000 hospitalizations

Do No Assume

Medical devices too at times become defective. Merely because the device is made by a blue-chip, multi-national company and is certified by leading medical specialists is no guarantee that it is not, or can become defective. While most medical devices work trouble-free for a lifetime, there are occasions when a device breaks down or malfunctions, with life-threatening consequences.

A Personal Health Firestorm

A faulty defective medical device can place a person who needs it at serious risk, which at times can be life-endangering. Millions of Americans use medical devices every year, comforted in the belief that they are protected from serious health risks. But often these devices go wrong and when that happens, the patient could be seriously injured, encountering pain and discomfort which, in extreme cases, could result in death. Patients look at medical devices as an effective way to improve their quality of life but when something goes wrong and is undetected, the effect could have disastrous and lasting consequences.

Waiting is an Afterthought

If you have encountered an injury because of a defective medical device, or if someone in your family has been so affected, then you need to see a serious injury lawyer with particular experience in defective medical device issues. Most serious injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means you pay their fee only after you have received monetary compensation. Bear in mind that Medical Device Lawsuits fall under a Statute of Limitations in all states. There is a time crunch.

Most likely though you will be pretty motivated to get this lawsuit show on the road though.

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