When you have been injured due to a defective product, you can claim compensation for your personal injuries. However, in most instances where specialized, technical, or scientific knowledge is involved, you will need an expert witness to present the evidence and for determining liability. A product liability case is quite difficult to prove, and therefore it is best to consult an expert right at the beginning, who can help with the investigation, testing, and reconstruction of the accident.

The Right Support

It does not matter if you believe you can explain it. It does not matter if you believe it is just common sense and anyone can understand the situation. Your college degree may be in math, humanities, or business but that is not going to mean much to the jury or the court. You need someone in the materials science or product engineering fields to support your claim. That is right, what you believe is fact will only remain a belief unless you understand that what your attorney is telling you is actually fact.

You need someone with the correct background to make your belief become a fact to everyone around you and to the court.

The expert will be able to help your case by mainly establishing and proving liability. He will be able to tell you whether the theory will hold up in court, and what are its weak points that the defendant could exploit. He can also present you with alternative liability theories that could be more effective. All this information provided by an expert is quite invaluable, and you will clearly know whether it is worth pursuing the case or even filing one.

Bolstering Your Case

There are many things to consider while choosing an expert witness, as he or she is going to have a major impact on your case. Firstly, he should be an expert in his field, and should have sufficient educational qualifications and things to his credit to establish his expertise before the jury. He should also be familiar with the rules and procedures of the court for presenting evidence and giving testimony.

There are professional expert witnesses who are mainly involved in giving expert testimony in court. They will be well acquainted with the court procedures and might be able to handle the questions of the defense lawyer more efficiently. However, a professional expert witness might also have a track record that might work to the disadvantage of your particular case. Therefore, you need to review all the possibilities and hire an expert witness after considering various important points.

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