Bradi’s Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs

SANTA PAWS IS COMIN’ TO TOWN! Do you know what that means??? Time to send that wish list to the North Pole!

In case you’ve let the holidays sneak up on you, today I’m sharing MY own personal letter to Santa and giving you some gift ideas that are ALL THE RAGE gifts for your own pup this holiday season! My wish list includes some trendy items for those up-and-coming pets as well as plenty of hard-to-beat basics! No need to thank me…I’m all about spreading that holiday cheer!

Dear Santa Paws,

I hope you’ve had a good 2018! I have, of course, been a VERY good pup all year long. Since it’s been a while since we talked last, I wanted to update you on some of my new interests. I know you’re a busy man, so I’ll get right down to it:

1) BarkBox renewal

This was a big hit last year! Getting a themed box delivered to my front door tailored just for me is literally Christmas once a month! Click here to shop BarkBox.

2) Slow Bowl

This bowl not only looks super cool but also helps me slow down when I eat so I can digest my food without a tummy ache! Click here for Slow Bowls.

3) On-the-go Water Bowl

This nifty guy can go with you on a walk! It collapses flat so it’s easy to carry, but it pops out easily for a quick drink on our daily walks! Shop water bowls here.

4) Cooling Bed

I know it’s crazy to think about wanting a bed that cools you off in the winter, but just think HOW NICE it will be in the summer to have a cold spot to relax on! Click for cooling bed options.

5) Brain Game Treat Maze

This works on my brain skills and then rewards me for my smarts! I have to figure out the trap doors and compartments before I get the treat inside. Shop mazes here.

6) Driver’s License Dog Tag

You heard me right – I want my very own license ID tag. I think it’s only fitting since I work in the car business! It looks just like a real license (only smaller) and has my picture and all my important information in case I can’t find my way home! And BONUS: all proceeds go to Tags For Hope, which provides food, treatment, and shelter for an animal in need. Get your own dog tag here.

7) Furbo Dog Camera

I know you DEARLY miss me while I’m at home and you’re at work, so this camera helps bridge the gap! You can check in on me, throw me treats, and even talk to me through the microphone! Best part, I have the ability to send YOU selfies when I’m feeling lonely orrrrrr just need a snack. Click here for the Furbo camera.

8) Themed Bandanas and Collars

You know I love a good theme, and my FAVORITE themed collars are from the cutest etsy shop! They are personalizable, machine-washable (in the RARE case that I splash through a mud puddle), and there are always new and fun patterns! Shop HDW Doggie Designs here.

9) Braided Rawhide

I go CRAZY for flavored rawhides! My favorites are the braided chicken flavor, but some of my doodle friends like the pork flavor best. To each their own! Click here to shop.

10) Pupsocks

Now, these are more of a present for YOU when you wish that you could take me with you. Your very own pair of custom socks with my face ALLLLLLLLL over them. What more could you want? Click here to shop Pupsocks.




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