Truck accidents where passenger vehicles are involved most often result in serious injuries and death. More often than not the accident is caused because of some sort of negligence by the truck driver to the trucking company, or sometimes, both. Many truck accidents could well have been avoided, with a little more care on the part of the truck driver or trucking company.

Truck Accident Issues

Truck drivers are often called upon to work impossible schedules. They frequently go many hours without sleep and for days on end resulting in a condition known as truck driver fatigue. When they perform beyond human limits, which truck drivers often do, safety is sacrificed, putting other vehicles on the road at risk. There are laws in place limiting truck drivers driving hours and miles for their safety and others on the road as well. But truck driver fatigue is not the only reason; truck accidents have several other contributory factors. Some of the main causes of truck accidents are:

  • Driver fatigue – though the number of driving hours in a given day or week are restricted by state and federal laws.
  • Driver distraction.
  • Driver stress.
  • Use of alcohol or drugs by the driver – Some drivers use illegal drugs to help them stay awake. Truck companies are required by law to screen every new driver for substance abuse before hiring them. They must also conduct regular screenings for substance abuse with all their drivers.
  • Exceeding the maximum permissible load.
  • Driving with an improperly secured load.
  • Improper maintenance of trucks – This is a fault of both the driver and the trucking company. The driver is legally required to rigorously inspect the truck at every stop. Trucks are also required to be properly maintained by the trucking company for which strict guidelines are issued.
  • Speeding, negligent overtaking and failure to comply with the rules of the road. Given their size, the load they carry and the long braking period, trucks are particularly dangerous when driven at high speeds. Over 25% of truck drivers involved in fatal accidents had a prior record of speeding.

All the Way to the End

If you’ve been in a road accident involving a truck, you need to see a truck accident attorney to ensure that you’re properly compensated. At Taylor King Law, we specialize in truck accident cases and will assign you to an experienced truck injury lawyer who will fight on your behalf for a just and fair compensation.

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