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The team of truck accident lawyers at Taylor King Law in Little Rock have the experience and the understanding to ensure you’re fairly represented.

Interstate 30 and Interstate 40 crossing north to south and east to west across Arkansas and through Little Rock are familiar routes to truck drivers. I-30 and I-40 are also two of the most dangerous routes for a collision in Arkansas.

If you’re a truck driver or were injured in an accident involving a semi-truck, you shouldn’t have to handle your accident alone.

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Contacting an experienced truck accident lawyer in Little Rock can save you not only the hassle of handling your claim alone but can save you time and money.

What to Know About Truck Accident Claims

Wrecks involving an 18-wheeler are not only more dangerous but also more complex. Truck wreck claims require specialized expertise: when a tractor-trailer is involved in a collision, responsibility goes beyond the driver and may include the owner, whoever is leasing the truck or trailer, the manufacturer of the vehicle, and/or the shipper and loader of the cargo.

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“Truck drivers are the most experienced drivers on the road.”

While many law firms may be quick to assume blame, we understand at Taylor King Law that truck drivers are the most experienced drivers on the road, and often the most responsible.

Oftentimes an accident occurs when vehicles fail to give an 18-wheeler the room it deserves.

Injured in a Little Rock Truck Accident?

If you’ve been injured in a trucking accident, contact our local truck accident lawyers in Little Rock.

Nationally recognized and locally awarded, our team understands the variables and complexities involved in a trucking claim. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

We know the impact an accident can have. Tractor-trailers carry much heavier loads than the average car, leading to more severe results when an 18-wheeler is involved in a collision.

Truck Accident Lawyers “On Your Side – By Your Side”

Taylor King Law is committed to being on your side – by your side, every step of the way.

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From obtaining a police report and ensuring you find medical care to obtaining an accident reconstruction and ensuring you’re compensated for your pain and suffering, our Little Rock truck accident lawyers are committed to serving you.

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If you’re seeking the legal advice of a truck accident lawyer in Little Rock, contact us today at 1(800) 227-9732. You’ll speak with an experienced team member. An initial consultation is free.

Whether you choose to hire an attorney or not, we’ll answer your questions, and provide you with the information needed.

You can also reach us 24/7 online.

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Stop by our office in downtown Little Rock to meet with a trucking attorney, face to face. Our office is located at 820 W 3rd Street near Broadway.

To learn more about our central Arkansas location, visit our Little Rock location page.

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