Personal injury cases include several different kinds, the degree and intensity of these will of course differ from case to case. An injured person can claim damages and also file a lawsuit depending on the nature of the personal injury. According to the law, the injured person can demand and attain compensation when another person/company is responsible for causing them harm directly or indirectly.

Automobile road accident injury cases

Automobile accidents are the most common personal injury cases. Road vehicle accidents often occur due to careless, negligent driving and can often involve breaking road traffic laws. If the vehicle driver is found responsible for causing an injury due to reckless driving, they can be held accountable after investigations for causing the personal injury.

Medical or health related injury cases

Medical accidents can occur when a doctor or healthcare professional indulges in some malpractice or negligence in taking required care of the patient, thereby causing the patient mental or physical injury. Medical personal injury cases require in depth medical research and expert testimonies, hence they have to be handled sensitively and carefully by experienced professionals.

Falling accident injury cases

Getting hurt due to a fall on a rented property or at work and being gravely injured can also lead to filing a lawsuit. However, the degree of the injury and nature of the fall will be taken into consideration. Property owners and companies are required to ensure safety measure for tenants and employees so that personal injury can be avoided due to negligence.

Character defamation injury cases

When a person is insulted or their character is attacked, it is known as defamation of character and can cause personal injury to their reputation due to false statements. In order to file a lawsuit, a person has to get proof that they have suffered a monetary loss due to the fake statements made about them. In the case of celebrities or public figures, the injured person needs to also substantiate their case showing intent of malice.

Assault and attack injury cases

In personal injury cases of assault, the biggest differentiator is that the injury is intentional and caused when one person is harmed by the other deliberately. These cases are also mostly tried as criminal cases and will involve punishing the criminal. A person can also file personal injury charges in order to obtain personal compensation. A lawsuit can also be filed for bite(s) by a pet dog that has caused injury to a person and compensation can be rightfully demanded.




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