Finding and hiring a suitable lawyer for your personal injury case is extremely important so that you are fairly represented. It is essential to have an initial meeting with a lawyer to decide if he/she can represent you well. Meet with the lawyer and discuss all aspects of the case upfront so that the lawyer can help you gain the maximum for your personal injury case. At the onset find out the representation fees the lawyer will charge you.

Lawyer’s experience & know-how

Get to know about the lawyer’s experience and knowledge in handling personal injury cases. Some of the questions that you need to ask your prospective lawyer include:

  • How many years of practicing law do they have?
  • How many cases of personal injury has the lawyer represented earlier?
  • Does the lawyer generally take up individual claimants case or represents insurance companies?
  • Has the lawyer ever worked with or against your particular insurance company?

Senior & junior lawyers for your case

It is necessary to know if a senior, junior paralegal or both will be working on your personal injury case. It is appropriate to get senior lawyers to handle important aspects and paralegals for their researching skills since this will also affect the time and cost of your case. Meet with all the lawyers who will be working on your case and give them a thorough background, hear their opinions and suggestions too. If you have any concerns about which lawyers handle which aspects of the case or any other queries, you should acquire some clarity in a one-on-one meeting with the lawyer.

Discuss settlement aspects

You will need to discuss with your lawyer the settlement you expect for your personal injury case. Your lawyer might also give you opinions as to how much your case is worth in terms of a settlement. It is not necessary that you agree with their opinion but the lawyer should be willing to take your approach and pitch for what you are comfortable with. In the process of the case, if you would like to change tactics, the lawyer will need to do so keeping your needs and requirements in mind.

Outstanding communication between lawyer & client

It is essential that lawyer and client have an effective, open, and trustworthy conversation. You need to be comfortable sharing all information and the lawyer needs to brief you on all legal aspects, so that the best outcome is possible for your personal injury case. A lawyer should communicate legal jargon in simple terms to you. They should understand your requirements and be open to using your approach as long as it is legal and reasonable.

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