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Tractor-Trailer Crash Lawyers in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Truck Accidents in Tulsa, OK

A truck accident happens every day in Tulsa. There were 685 accidents involving a large truck in Tulsa County in 2018, the 2nd highest number of accidents in Oklahoma. Tulsa is a bustling and growing city intersected by interstates 44 and 244 in addition to Highway 412. Unfortunately, traffic is often unavoidable, as are accidents.

If you are a truck driver or were injured in an accident involving an 18-wheeler, you shouldn’t have to handle things alone. Save yourself time, frustration, and money by contacting an experienced, local truck accident attorney in Tulsa.

Truck Accident Claims

You may be surprised to learn that more large truck accidents occurred in urban areas as opposed to rural areas in Oklahoma last year, but it likely doesn’t surprise you to know that an accident involving a semi-truck is exponentially more dangerous than an average car accident.

Likewise, truck accident claims can be exponentially more complex. Claims involving a semi-truck require a more specialized perspective. When a tractor-trailer is involved in an accident, responsibility and liability go beyond simply the driver to include the owner of the truck, whoever is leasing the truck or trailer, the manufacturer of the 18-wheeler, and/or the shipper and loader of the cargo.

Injured in a Trucking Accident?

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If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a large truck, contact our local lawyers in Tulsa. We understand the variables involved in a truck accident claim, and we have the experience to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

At Taylor King Law we also understand that truck drivers are some of the most responsible and experienced drivers on the road. Often, these 18-wheeler accidents happen when other drivers fail to give trucks the room they deserve on the roadways.

Whether you live in Bixby, Sand Springs, Jenks, or Broken Arrow, we’re dedicated to being your trusted and local source for legal help. When you contact our office at Taylor King Law, you’ll speak with an experienced team member ready to answer your questions.

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Nationally recognized and locally awarded, we’re the right team to have by your side.

From handling your accident report to seeking compensation for pain and suffering, our attorneys will be on your side throughout the process. We will coordinate and ensure your medical bills, property damage, rental car, lost wages, mileage expenses, health insurance, and everything in between is handled with care. At Taylor King Law, you’ll find both experience and expertise; as well as a trusted, local auto accident attorney.

The anguish you’ve experienced in a truck accident shouldn’t have to be increased by the frustration of handling your truck accident claim alone.

Initial consultation with an attorney is both FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

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