Social security disability is a government program that provides payments or benefits for people who are disabled and unable to perform substantial, gainful employment.

One of the problems of social security disability is that it is sometimes difficult to begin receiving social security disability. In order to receive social security disability, you must show that you are not only disabled, but that the disability will prevent you from gaining employment or income.

In addition, the application process for receiving social security disability benefits can be very difficult. Often times, people are initially rejected and are forced to appeal the decision several times before being accepted for social security disability.

This appeals process may take years to complete, and can require the review of medical records to show that the disability does, in fact, prevent you from making a livable income. To help you with the appeals process, contact an experienced social security disability attorney in Arkansas first.

Your social security disability lawyer in Arkansas will help you appeal the decision if the social security administration denies your application.

After appealing the decision, the social security administration may want to determine your disability status in court. In this case, a social security disability attorney will be needed to provide legal assistance in proving that you need social security disability.

If your application is accepted, you will receive social security disability beginning from the time you were first disabled. This means that you may receive a check for all the social security disability that you could have been receiving from the time you were unable to provide gainful income to the time the social security administration approves your social security disability application.



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Social Security Disability

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