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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Jonesboro

Motorcycle Accidents in Northeast Arkansas

Whether a weekend trip to cheer on the Arkansas State Redwolves or a bike trip to Crowley’s Ridge or Craighead Forest Park – Jonesboro makes for the perfect motorcycle escape.

Unfortunately, bikers may also find themselves the victim of an accident when traveling through northeast Arkansas. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle wreck in Arkansas, contact our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys in Jonesboro. We understand the variables involved and are committed to ensuring you’re justly represented.

What to Know About Motorcycle Accident Claims

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Motorcycle accidents are exponentially more dangerous than a typical passenger car accident. A biker is 26 times more likely than a car passenger to be fatally injured in a crash. Further, seemingly insignificant ROAD HAZARDS can prove deadly for a motorcycle.

Regrettably, bikers are often a victim of negligence through no fault of their own. Statistics indicate that 1 in 4 accidents involving a motorcycle are due to a vehicle’s driver failing to keep a lookout for motorcycles. Read more HERE about why “Look Twice, Save a Life” is so important.

“Bikers shouldn’t have to go to extremes to get noticed.”

Injured in a Bike Accident?

Whether your bike accident was due to someone else’s negligence, congestion, construction, or poor conditions, we’re here to help. At Taylor King Law we understand that bikers are some of the most responsible drivers on the road. Our team is committed to being your knowledgeable and trusted local source for legal assistance in Jonesboro.

Our law firm began as a way of offering real help to our local residents and neighbors in Arkansas. We’ve now grown into one of Arkansas’s largest personal injury law firms, but our commitment to our clients remains unchanged: we’ll be on your side – by your side.

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Our attorney’s office is located just south of ASU between Red Wolf Boulevard and Main Street. We’re available if you need to speak with an attorney face-to-face.

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Our attorney’s office in Jonesboro is located just south of ASU between Red Wolf Boulevard and Main Street. Visit our Jonesboro location.

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