A woman slipped and fell in a restaurant because the floor was wet. She suffered a compound fracture of the hip which incapacitated her for weeks during which she had to remain in bed at home. During this period she suffered significant inconvenience apart from significant pain and loss of pay from her job as a floor supervisor at a shopping mall. When she resumed work she found she could not stand for long periods, something necessary in her line of work.

Financial Charges

The woman has filed a slip and fall lawsuit against the restaurant. In her suit she stated that the restaurant floor was wet where water had spilled on it, but at the time she had her accident, no wet floor signs had been posted to caution wary walkers. The victim seeks compensation on multiple counts including medical expenses, physical pain, mental anguish, disfigurement, impairment, lost wages, and court costs. In addition to naming the company which owns the restaurant she has included the manager for negligence in failing to avert the accident.

Post a Sign

Slip and fall accidents can cause considerable harm because the victim lands on a hard, unyielding floor like a cement, tile, or hardwood floor. Frequently slip and fall accidents result in broken arms, hips and ankles, slipped, or herniated discs, to name but a few of the more common injuries. All managers and property owners have a legal obligation to prevent slip and fall accidents by ensuring safe walking conditions. Pursuant to this, if a floor is wet they are obliged to post warning signs alerting visitors to these dangerous conditions.

Call an Attorney

Victims of a slip and fall accident should seek medical attention immediately following the accident, and then he or she should consult a premises liability attorney.

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