Supermarkets are Prone to Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries are those caused on some other person or entity’s property because of a hazardous or dangerous condition prevailing there. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2010, there were 303,800 instances of fall injuries at or in the workplace. Fifteen percent of all workplace injury deaths were the result of trips, slips, and falls. Such incidents happen everywhere and occur at or on business premises and in residences.

Did the Owner Know?

The main reasons for slip and fall injuries are insufficient lighting in places especially parking lots, supermarket floors becoming slippery because of spilled liquids, loose stair railings or snow, and the list continues. Other situations are holes in the ground which are hidden or covered in grass. In such instances the property owner may be at fault if they had known or should have known about this potential hazard.

No Mystery Here

Supermarkets are well known for slip and fall injuries. According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) in Southlake, Texas, grocery stores and supermarkets pay out as much as $450 million by way of settlements and legal expenses each year on account of slip and fall injuries. In supermarkets, both employees and customers are at risk so it’s hardly surprising that slip and fall accidents account for the highest number of supermarket injuries.

No Ambiguity

Grocery stores and supermarkets are obliged to provide safe flooring for customers to walk on and so avoid slip and fall injuries as far as is practically possible. If any areas are considered unsafe, these should be closed off or designated unsafe and slippery and there should be a visible sign indicating such.

Items to Gain

If a supermarket has failed in its obligation and you have experienced a slip and fall injury, then contact a slip and fall attorney because you might be eligible for compensation. A personal injury lawyer could also help you recover damages for your injury. This could include medical bills, attorney’s fees, lost wages, and possibly other benefits.

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