Depositions are an important part of the personal injury lawsuit. The plaintiff or victim is usually deposed, and if the victim does not appear honest during the deposition, they are unlikely to receive significant compensation. On the other hand, if the victim is sympathetic and honest, a jury is likely to grant greater compensation for pain and suffering.

Building Trust

The truth is highly important in any matter. You have to promote and exude trust in any professional setting. When you want people to side with you and possibly award you with enough funds that could be somewhat life altering, you need to be honest and not embellish anything. If you are in the right, you have to trust that they will see this case through your eyes.

Being Nervous is Normal

Most victims will be stressed about how they can make a marvelous impression at the deposition when they are nervous and have to face a formal situation. However, nervousness does not matter, as long as the victims are direct and honest in describing what they have undergone due to the accident and the resultant injuries.

The lawyer of the insurance company will try to find out the victim’s version of what happened and how the injuries have affected their life. The lawyer will also try to gauge how the victim will fare as a witness during trial. However, when you have suffered injuries in an accident and called for deposition, you need to provide facts in a precise and concise way.

This is not a Talkathon

A deposition is not a platform for you to make the insurance company understand fully what you have gone through or what you think about the driving skills of the defendant. The more you talk, the chances of revealing something that can be used against you at trial increases exponentially. The opposing counsel will also try to elicit such statements from you, and hence, you need to only mention bare facts and stick to only what is being asked.

Even though you may not be favorably disposed towards the defendant or his lawyer, you need to keep calm and answer questions in a courteous manner. Juries are more inclined to award proper compensation to victims who are hurt rather than victims who display anger and discourteous behavior.




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