Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

*SNIFF SNIFF* Bradi Bear here! My pup nose is in the air, and it smells like FALL! I can smell bonfires and toasted marshmallows. I can hear everyone cheering the high school football team to a victory on Friday nights. And I can see the leaves start to turn and match my own orangey-red coat.

There’s just something special about fall, isn’t there? It may have something to do with ALL the holidays that hit in these colder months ahead. Which brings me to HALLOWEEN! Yes, can you believe it is October already?

Top 5 Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

Of course, being the diligent pup that I am, I’ve already begun planning coordinating costumes with my humans AND compiling my safety list so they can keep me as safe as possible this holiday!

The jury is still out on what we will be this year, but I do have my safety tips ready to share for all of you pet owners!

1.   Safe, Sound & Inside

The safest place for your pup on Halloween is inside the house, preferably in a place he or she feels comfortable and safe, like a familiar kennel! Strangers dressed up in scary costumes knocking on my door?? No thank you! I know you refer to them as “trick-or-treaters,” but it sounds like a potential “dart out the door” to me.

Photo: Fernando Jorge

2.   On a Short Leash…

…literally! If you plan on taking your pup trick-or-treating, make sure you have a good grip on your dog! You don’t want to have your hands full of treat bags if your pet gets scared and tries to dart away.

Photo: Ra Dragon

3.   Glow in the Dark

It’ s also important for your dog to wear reflective gear to alert passing cars. The brighter, the better!

4.   Treats are for Kids, not Animals

Candy and chocolate are very dangerous for animals! Even if you’d never intentionally let your pup enjoy the treats from the night, make sure to put any uneaten candy completely out of reach from the curious pups.

5.   To Costume or Not to Costume? 

You gotta know your pup! NEVER force your pet to wear a costume if they are uncomfortable with it. To be honest, I usually let my humans take a few photos with mine on before I tell her I’ve had enough. 

Even if your pup seems ok with the costume, never leave them alone while wearing it. You don’t want to risk a pup eating part of the costume. Even worse, the outfit could shift and restrict their breathing or cause them to choke!

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

Link to our Halloween Safety Tips for Kids blog to read up on more important safety information for families.

Be safe out there, everyone! Let me know if you think of anything that can top our family’s Wizard of Oz theme from last year!



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