Early voting has officially begun in Arkansas!

It is Bradi Bear here, your favorite legal pup, alerting you to ALL THINGS voting! Unfortunately, Arkansas currently doesn’t let dogs, cats, or other pets vote in elections – but as an informed voter, I’m holding out hope that one day lawmakers will change their minds!


So, Who Can Vote in Arkansas?

First…you gotta be registered! Sadly, registration has passed for this upcoming Nov 6th election, but you can go ahead and register for future elections!

Next…you must be a United States citizen.

Also….you have to be an Arkansas resident.

Last….you have to be at least 18 years old.

If you know you have all those bases covered, but are still wondering if you’re registered, keep reading!


How Do I Know if I’m Registered?

Option 1: There is a website for that! Check out Arkansas Voter View.

Option 2: You can always pick up that phone and call your county clerk’s office!

Ok check, check, and check…wait,


Where Do I Go?!

Another easy answer: To vote on November 6, go to your assigned polling place. This is another piece of information you can find on the Voter View website or on your voter ID card. Local newspapers often publish a list of polling locations prior to election day.


What if I Want to Vote EARLY?

Then you go, girl (and guy)! Early voting is open in Arkansas as of October 22, so head on down to your county clerk’s office to do so. Depending on where you live in Arkansas, some counties may have other designated early voting sites.


So Why All the Hubbub About Voting?!

Take it from someone who WISHES they could vote – don’t miss the opportunity to exercise your RIGHT to have your vote count and matter! Your vote contributes to the election of officials who will decide on issues that impact our everyday lives as Arkansans. Casting your vote gives you a voice in that conversation – HOW COOL! puts you into that conversation!

Ok, I’m off my soapbox. Who knows; maybe I’ll just start a petition for letting my vote count, too!

GO VOTE, humans!



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