Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween brings many fun traditions: Dressing up in creative costumes. Carving Jack-o-Lanterns. Handing out candy to cute trick-or-treaters. 

For many parents, though, Halloween also presents a number of safety concerns: Are those neighbors trustworthy? Can my child see out of his mask? How will I check all of this candy before they sneak a piece? 

How to Keep Your Kids Safe on Halloween

At Taylor King Law, we’ve got you covered. Read on for tips to make the most of your Halloween night while also protecting your family.

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All Dressed Up: Costume Safety for Kids

Who doesn’t love a family costume theme? But it’s important to consider more than style points when you get dressed for the evening. 

  • Choose bright colors. If your child just can’t live without that black Batman costume, put reflective tape on the wrists, and ankles, and other edges. 
  • Check for fit. Capes and tails can become tripping hazards when they are too long or ill-fitting. 
  • If the costume includes a sword, cane, or other accessories, make sure it is soft, short, and flexible. Even a plastic toy can cause injury if a child stumbles.

Sweet Safety: Candy Safety for Kids

We’ve all heard the warnings to check Halloween candy carefully for signs of tampering. The good news: this is mostly urban legend. Parents should inspect their child’s candy haul, but it’s extremely unlikely that they’ll find razor blades or poison. Instead, two main concerns are food allergies and choking hazards, like lollipops. 

Because many children have food allergies, you might consider handing out non-food items like stickers or festive pencils. Put a teal pumpkin on your porch to signal a food-allergy-friendly stop.

Walk This Way: Trick-or-Treat Safety for Kids

Aside from a stomach ache or sugar high, the biggest danger to your child on Halloween is road traffic. 

Avoid pedestrian injuries with these safety practices: 

  • Carry flashlights or wear battery-operated headlamps. As a general rule, the more visible you are to other drivers, the better. 
  • Safety in numbers: don’t try to manage a group of children by yourself. Try to keep a 1-to-2 adult-to-children ratio to be sure no one goes unnoticed. 
  • Always use the sidewalk where it’s available. If you must walk in the road, stay close to the edge and walk facing traffic. 

Discuss these safety rules with your children BEFORE leaving the house. Once their excitement peaks, it will be difficult to focus on safety instructions.

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Halloween Safety on the Road

Drivers, remember that you are responsible for your own conduct behind the wheel. 

Exercise extra caution, look for pedestrians and be patient with trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood. Drive slow!

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Have a pet at home? We’ve asked Bradi to offer up her Top 5 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets this year.

Happy Halloween from Taylor King Law!



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