Accidents are inevitable. In many cases they are avoidable but in general are unpredictable. Avoidable accidents are the kind that happen because of a set of circumstances arising from someone’s negligence or carelessness, including that of the victim. Slipping and falling is a very common type of accident which happens to a number of people. In fact, there is not one person on this planet who has not ever slipped and fallen. Now it may have been your fault for the most part but what happens when it is someone else’s fault and what happens if it is someone else’s fault and you are hurt because of it?

Being hurt is one thing but missing work because of it is something that must be addressed.

Potential Health Complications

A slip and fall accident could be minor but could also cause serious injury resulting in financial loss and emotional trauma. While you might recover from some injuries, others could have long-term consequences as in a head injury for example.

Not Your Fault

A slip and fall accident is cause for an injury lawsuit. Everyone who has been injured because of a slip and fall accident occasioned by someone’s negligence is entitled to damages and compensation. An experienced and knowledgeable slip and fall attorney should be consulted if you have sustained injury from an accident which you believe was avoidable and was caused because a third party was careless. In many cases the person or entity at fault opts for an out of court settlement to avoid the cost of a jury trial consequent on an injury lawsuit.

Not Her Fault

One high profile case was that of Valerie Dantzler who filed suit in 2010 against Wal-Mart for negligence and damages resulting from a fall she had in their Northside Jacksonville store in 2005. In this particular case Dantzler slipped on a wet patch on the floor which caused irreversible nerve damage to her shoulder which had already been injured earlier, and from which she was recovering. Wal-Mart decided to contest but in a landmark judgment the jury found in her favor for which she was awarded $1 million, a record in slip and fall lawsuits.




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Slip and Fall Injuries

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