Vehicle Careens Off Bridge and into Water, Claiming the Life of Dustin W. Dillard

30-year-old, Dustin W. Dillard, of Rogers, Arkansas lost his life after his vehicle careened off a bridge and into water late Sunday night near 10:50 p.m. Mr. Dillard was attempting to merge onto Riviera Road from Medical Center Parkway in Bentonville, Arkansas. When Mr. Dillard pulled the emergency brake, his 1999 Audi A6, slid out of control and off the side of the bridge.


According to Arkansas State Police, Mr. Dillard’s vehicle landed upside down, submerging itself in the water.


Travel conditions at the time of the accident were described as clear and cold.


Accident Location: Riviera Road, near Medical Center Parkway, in Bentonville, Arkansas.

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