Although many causes of car accidents can be avoided, a tire blowout is usually not one of them. When a car’s tire “blows out,” the driver often loses control of the car, resulting in a collision. If your tire blowout has caused an accident, the Arkansas car wreck injury lawyers at Taylor King and Associates can help.

Tires are one of the most under-appreciated parts of a car. They are the only point of contact your car has with the road. To ensure your safety while driving, have them inspected and rotated often. Use a tire gauge to check for adequate pressure, especially if your car’s tire light sensor comes on. In the event that you get a nail or other debris lodged in your tire, have it professionally repaired, or replace the tire if the damage is too great.

These precautions will reduce your risk but don’t completely eliminate the possibility of a blowout.

After a Tire Blowout

If you experience a tire blowout while driving, don’t panic. Instead, follow these steps to get safely off the road:

  • Gradually remove your foot from the gas pedal.

  • Resist the urge to hit the brakes. That would cause your car to skid.

  • Gently pull over to the side of the road. Avoid traffic from both directions.

  • Turn on your car’s emergency flashers.

  • Call for an emergency car service.

  • Get out of the car – carefully! Don’t sit in the car while you wait for help; you could be seriously injured if a car struck your vehicle. Stand at the side of the road, away from both traffic and your car. Leave the emergency flashers on.

  • If you know how to change the tire, make sure there is sufficient room to do it and that you are not in the way of other cars coming behind or toward you.

Remember these simple steps; they will help prevent personal injury or further damage to your car. If you are able, use your phone to take pictures of the blowout and any damage your car has sustained.

Finally, visit a doctor – even if you don’t see or feel any injuries. Some injuries, especially internal ones, are not immediately obvious. Keep a copy of the doctor’s report to show your personal injury attorney. If you develop pain or discomfort after a few days, go back to the doctor.

Causes of Tire Blowout

Regularly checking tire pressure can help you avoid low pressure, one of the main causes of tire blowouts. Your car manual will show the manufacturer-recommended PSI for your particular car.

Sometimes tire blowouts are caused by defects in the manufacturing process. If substandard materials were used to manufacture the tire, this could be the cause. At other times, the particular tire on your car might not be meant for it. If a mechanic replaced the tires, he or she might be liable. If you replaced the tires yourself, you would be at fault.

 If you’ve experienced a tire blowout, the car wreck injury lawyers at Taylor King and Associates can give you a free consultation to determine how you should proceed. If the manufacturer, mechanic, or dealership is liable for the blowout and subsequent accident, your lawyer may recommend making a legal claim and will help you explore your legal options.




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