In the aftermath of a car accident, it can be hard to accurately assess your injuries. If you didn’t call an ambulance or visit the Emergency Room, you may still be wondering if you’re ok. Even if you’re reading this several weeks after the accident, consider getting a checkup with your family doctor to rule out any issues and give you peace of mind. The expense of one doctor’s visit today can save you an even greater expense of medical bills down the road.

Look for Symptoms after a Collision

The force of a collision can cause many different injuries. Which symptoms should you look for? As a general rule, head, neck, and back injuries tend to be the most severe and present more complications, and symptoms often include

  • Numbness, stiffness, or tingling in the neck and spinal cord area

  • Frequent headaches

  • Poor sleep quality

  • Loss of memory or verbal slurs

  • Dizziness

  • Seizures

  • Loss of muscle control

Some of these symptoms may be present immediately after the accident; some may develop in the following days or weeks. Don’t ignore your symptoms simply because it seems “too long after” the accident.

Treating Soft Tissue Injuries

If a doctor determines that your injuries are “soft tissue” (that is, not broken bones or skin wounds, but muscle and tissue strain), then your local chiropractor will be great resource for you. Chiropractors are medical professionals who treat soft tissue injuries. Your chiropractor will ask you about your injuries, perform an exam, and likely take x-rays of your neck and spine. He or she will then work with you to create a treatment plan. Chiropractors often treat using “adjustments” – therapeutic manipulation using force applied in specific directions at specific points on your body. You may experience some soreness after, but it will help regain mobility and relieve pain over time.

Choose your chiropractor carefully. Read online reviews and talk to trusted friends to find one who will best suit your needs and offer quality treatment.

What are the Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor?

As an accident victim, a chiropractor can help you heal from soft-tissue injuries and increase your mobility. Many people regularly see chiropractors as part of their routine healthcare. They’re looking for treatment and healing, not merely symptom relief. You may find this especially appealing as well.

If you are the victim of a car accident, your chiropractic treatments may be covered as part of your personal injury claim. You should talk with your attorney to learn more about your options for medical treatment and the path to healing. At Taylor King Law, we offer free consultations and can refer you to a chiropractor who can help you finding healing. Contact Taylor King today to get started with a firm you can trust.

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