Generally, receiving pain and suffering damages for any accident is usually difficult, and it is more so for slip and fall accidents. However, with the right negotiating tactics, your chances of receiving a marvelous settlement can increase dramatically. Here are certain tips that will help you claim the pain and suffering compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Get Your Medical Records in Order

Take copies of all your medical bills that are related to your slip and fall injuries. These bills will include pharmacy bills, therapy charges, hospital bills, ambulance charges, doctor’s bills, and so on. Your medical records are confidential according to HIPAA laws, and you will have to authorize Release of Information to get these copies. It is best to acquire copies of your full hospital chart, since that will show entries made by nurses and doctors during your treatment. These entries can be crucial evidence for establishing costs of hospital stay, additional tests, therapy charges, and so on that were required for treating your injuries.

Certifying Medical Records

Certified copies may be essential in certain instances when you are going to trial. However, for negotiating, certifying your records is not necessary and is a waste of your money.

Avoid Giving the Adjuster an Ultimatum

It is best to avoid wording letters in a way that can be construed as an ultimatum or your final demand. In such instance, your negotiation with the adjuster will end, since you have communicated that you are not willing to accept anything other than your stated amount. On receiving an ultimatum, the adjuster only has two choices, which is paying your demands, or sending your claim to the legal department. In most cases, it will be the latter. Hence, unless you are sure of ending the negotiations and going to trial, it is not shrewd or judicious to issue an ultimatum.

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