Usually slip and fall cases are hard to win, unless there is very strong evidence proving liability of the other party. When you have suffered injuries due to slip and fall accident, the legal system allows you collect compensation for your injuries. Once the case is filed, most victims tend to agree to a settlement quickly, while others want to fight the case in court, and let jury award compensation. There are certain pros and cons for each option.

When you have hired a fantastic and committed slip and fall lawyer, then he will be able to negotiate a reasonable settlement. If the other party makes an offer, your lawyer will be able to advise you, whether the settlement is reasonable or you should go to trial.

Pros and Cons of Accepting a Slip and Fall Settlement


  • Your slip and fall case is resolved quickly compared to a trial.
  • You can receive money quickly, which you can use for paying off your medical bills.
  • You get closure to the incident, and you can move on with your life, compared to a trial, which can be emotionally and physically quite taxing.
  • Your costs will be lower.
  • You are certain how much money you will be receiving.
  • Even though the case is quickly resolved, you may be accepting a compensation amount than what you would have received if you went to trial

Pros and Cons of Trial


  • Chances are genuine of receiving compensation that is higher than the alternative, and there is the emotional satisfaction of winning the case in front of a judge and jury.


  • You are not sure whether the jury will award compensation that is respectable.
  • The costs of fighting it out in court can build up considerably, and even if you are awarded compensation that will titillate your dreams, it might work out the same, when you consider the expenses. Your attorney will take a certain percentage. In addition, this court case may and will almost certainly consume much more of your time.

There is another factor to consider: your attorney. You need to listen to their advice. You did not hire them to run roughshod over them and to dictate to them your terms. They know this arena most likely much better than you. Their opinion should almost always carry more weight than yours.

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