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How to Obtain a Police Report for a Car Wreck in Texas

If you were involved in a wreck in Texas, whether a car, truck or motorcycle accident, you can request a copy of the official police accident report. 

Like many other states, the Texas Transportation Code requires a police report for any wreck that involves physical injury or significant property damage. 

Accident reports are maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation. The Texas DOT collects crash reports from local law enforcement agencies and keeps them in one online database. You can request your Texas accident report online, or by mail.

You’ll need to pay a small fee for the report. Certified copies are $8 per copy, while regular copies have a $6 fee.


To find your crash report online, start by visiting the TxDOT Crash Report Online Purchase System: https://cris.dot.state.tx.us/public/Purchase/app/home/welcome

TxDOT’s C.R.I.S (Crash Records Information System) allows you to search for and purchase a copy of your Texas Police Accident Report.

By Mail

To request your crash report by mail, print and complete the TX Crash Report Request Form. Mail the form, along with your payment, to:

Crash Data and Analysis
Texas Department of Transportation
P.O. Box 12879
Austin, TX 78711

A reminder that certified copies of your crash report are $8, while regular copies have a $6 fee.

What Information Do I Need to Obtain an Accident Report?

Basic information about the wreck will help you access your Texas accident report more quickly. Details needed include: 

  1. The name of at least one driver involved in the wreck
  2. The date the accident occurred 
  3. The accident report number OR the driver’s license for one of the drivers

Who Can Request a Car Crash Report in Texas? 

Anyone can file a request for an accident report in Texas. The information you receive, however, will depend on whether you were directly involved in the accident. 

Non-redacted reports include personal information for the drivers and passengers in the accident. Per the Texas Transportation Code, these non-redacted reports may only be released to a person who is “directly concerned” with an accident. This includes the individuals directly involved in the wreck, their legal representatives, and the involved parties’ insurance companies.

If you were personally involved in a wreck, you’ll be able to request the full accident report. Anyone who does not meet the criteria given by the Texas Code may receive a redacted version of the report.

What Type of Information is Included in a Car Accident Report?

You can expect to find the following information in your Texas crash report: 

  • Date, time, and location
  • Names and contact information for the drivers involved, as well as witnesses
  • Statements from both drivers and witnesses
  • Description of damage to the vehicles, including pictures taken at the scene
  • Description of any injuries suffered by any person involved
  • Narrative from the officer on how the crash occurred, who he/she believes is the at-fault driver, and whether citations were issued
  • Diagram depicting the accident scene

What if My Police Report is Wrong?

You’ve obtained your report but the information in the report is wrong. Having information in an auto accident report changed can be difficult, but it is possible: What To Do If My Accident Report is Incorrect

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