Slip and fall accidents are quite common, and many people think that injuries from such accidents are only minor. However, many people suffer moderate to severe injuries, and for many people, such injuries can prove devastating. In order to avoid causing suffering to other people and paying for costly civil litigations, property owners should know what types of hazards commonly cause slip and fall injuries.

Some of the Main Hazards that can Cause Slip and Fall Injuries

1) Contaminants on the Floor

The most common hazard that can cause slip and fall injuries is contaminants such as food, oil, grease, soap solution, or water on the floor. Food and oil are common contaminants in hotels, restaurants or in places where food is stored. Grease is mainly found on floors of garages, factory premises, and workshops. Water and soapy solution can be found in any place, where the floor is being cleaned.

2) Irregularities on Surfaces

Tripping is another major cause for falling and sustaining injuries. Tripping is mainly caused by irregularities on walking surfaces. These irregularities could be dents on tiles, sloped pavements, or buckled carpets. Tripping can be prevented largely by eliminating these irregularities with proper maintenance and some attention to detail. These property improvements do cost money but they will return that money to you because of customer satisfaction and because your business will maintain that professional appearance.

3) Poor Drainage

Wet surfaces are always a major hazard, and one of the main reasons for such condition is poor drainage. Broken pipes and clogged drains cause water to leak on to walking surfaces. Areas having floor drains and bathroom floors are common locations for slip and fall accidents.

4) Poor Lighting

Many slip and fall accidents can be avoided by providing proper lighting. In many accidents, victims are not able to see the dangerous condition they are walking into.

5) Clutter

Walking paths should be clear of all obstructions and clutter. Common clutter found in many walking areas is hoses, loose wires, bricks, and loose cords.

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