Some states do not have restrictions on golf cart movement with the result they are not confined to cart paths and fairways of a course. With the sudden increase in golf carts the number of accidents has also risen. Golf cart accidents and injuries take place for the following reasons:

Crashes between two golf carts

Golf carts running over pedestrians

Golf carts being hit by cars when crossing a road

Passengers thrown from carts

Passengers being pinned under carts after being thrown from them or when they have tipped over

Golf court races

Golf court aggressive driving

A Stark Situation Glaring You in the Face

Injuries from golf cart accidents could be serious enough to cost you a lot of money and it is even worse if it is not even your fault. You might have to spend on medical bills and lose income because of having to stay in a hospital or at home till you recover. Your recreational activity could end up costing you.

First Thing is First

Golf cart accidents are caused because of a number of reasons like negligence in the part of the golf cart operator, a defective golf cart, potholes or obstructions, or just general carelessness. In some states motorized golf carts are considered dangerous instrumentality which require the operator to exercise maximum care because of the inherent dangers in operating them, and because they are open and lack passenger protection. Golf cart accidents have resulted in lacerations, broken bones, injuries to the face and back, road rash, and fractures. If you are involved in a golf cart accident the first thing you need to do is to have yourself examined for an injury and obtain appropriate medical treatment.

Every Situation is Different

If the accident was caused because of negligence you might be entitled to file for compensation under injury law. A personal injury attorney will advise you if you have a valid case and will draw up a suitable claim which will include compensation for medical expenses, loss of income for time off from work, and compensation for pain and suffering. Claims can be raised against negligent cart operators, cart manufacturers, course operators, property owners, and car owners.

Cardinal Information

Do not quit, sign any paper work, or hand over any critical information until speaking to a dedicated and understanding attorney.

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