Adjusters can be difficult and negotiations have to be handled skillfully to attain a higher settlement amount. Continuing with effective negotiating tactics, here are some more.

Acquire all Medical Records Pertaining to Your Slip and Fall Injuries

During negotiations, it is important to have all your medical records ready, which will show the costs you have incurred, and the type and extent of your injuries. Make copies of all your medical bills including pharmacy, hospital, ambulance, and therapy bills.

You will have to provide your medical provider with an Authorization for Release of Information for acquiring the copies of your confidential reports. However, make sure you do not give this authorization to the insurance company, since they can dig up information about your past injuries and medical conditions that can be used against you. This information can be used to destroy your case. They only need this information to shed doubt on why your injuries are so severe or perhaps are not going away as quickly as you would like. They will use this information to cloud the court’s mind and to damage your testimony.

It is important to obtain copies of all medical records, including hospital charts that provide the full information about the treatment you would have received at the hospital. During negotiations, you can refer to doctor entries in the charts for explaining additional tests or related costs that the adjuster is unwilling to consider.

Provide Verification of Lost Income

When you have suffered injuries in a slip and fall accident, you might not be able to attend your regular work, which means you will be claiming loss of income. During negotiations, the adjuster will want to verify your claim of lost income and you need to produce some document that proves your claim. The best form of evidence would be a written statement from your employer.

This is vital because if your employer is supporting you then this means you are needed and expected somewhere and are not able to deliver. This not only hurts your employer but it is setting you back some regardless of what type of field you work in. Your attorney will be able to convey this information smoothly and effectively.


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