Claiming compensation for a slip and fall injury through negotiations is extremely tough and the case invariably goes to trial.

Bolstering Your Case

Therefore, it is important to make your case strong and all points should be presented and argued within the purview of the law. Even if your case seems to lag behind in certain aspects, you can always pursue it. Here are certain aspects worth considering for making your slip and fall case strong.

Compiling the Evidence

Take outstanding photographs of the site where the incident occurred. The photos should be able to convey, how negligently the area was maintained, or portray the dangerous situation in a clear manner. The judge or jury who will be seeing these photos should realize that the dangerous situation was obvious and the owner of the property should have taken steps to correct the situation.

The Right Moves

It is also important to document the accident with an incident report, and seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. Even if you feel there were minor injuries, get yourself examined by a doctor, since certain injuries can take time to manifest. If there were witnesses, present at the time of the accident, take their statement, and contact details, since their testimony can be helpful and even crucial to your case. If the establishment was under video surveillance, try to retrieve a copy of the video tape, if it is helpful to your case. It is important to prove that you were not intoxicated or acting negligently when the accident happened.

Solidifying You Case

Finally, keep a detailed record of all the treatment procedures you had to undergo and all medical bills. If you have missed work due to the injury, then obtain documentary proof of the same, since this will help you at the trial to prove the extent of your injuries.

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