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Brain injuries, like the brain itself, are especially complex. Like the injuries themselves, lawsuits relating to TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) are complex and require the expertise of a professional brain injury attorney. Our location in downtown Little Rock means we’re readily available to those in central Arkansas.

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If you or someone you love may be suffering from TBI, it’s important that you consult professional help. The first necessary step is to seek immediate medical attention. A second, important step is to find a qualified attorney who you can trust. Our brain injury lawyers in Little Rock are available to meet with you, face to face.

What is TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)?

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Brain injuries refer to brain “dysfunctions” caused by an outside force, such as a blow to the head or whiplash, and are most commonly associated with car crashes or contact sports. “G’s”, a measurement that relates to velocity, force, and shock absorbency, are used to measure the ‘outside force.’ A car accelerating and striking a stationary wall at 35 mph can generate 50 G’s. While an impact of 50 G’s doesn’t automatically necessitate a brain injury, brain injuries are likely to occur in a high-impact collision.

TBI Symptoms

Brain injuries, unfortunately, are difficult to detect. Symptoms oftentimes wait to reveal themselves, and the spectrum of symptoms associated with TBI is broad. Symptoms of TBI range from loss of consciousness and persistent headaches to irregular sleep patterns.

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Read more about traumatic brain injuries, including TBI statistics, causes of TBI and resources for traumatic brain injuries by clicking: Traumatic Brain Injury

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Nationally recognized and locally awarded, Taylor King Law has the experience to ensure you’re fully compensated. Our personal injury attorneys will be on your side every step of the process.

Suffering a traumatic brain injury can be a life-altering event. The anguish you’ve experienced shouldn’t have to be increased by the frustration of handling your TBI claim alone. At Taylor King Law we’re equipped to handle your brain injury claim, ensure you receive needed medical attention and help you seek the compensation you deserve.

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