A woman injured in a collision with a drunk driver in Ooltewah, Tennessee was awarded a record amount of $9.25 million dollars by a Chattanooga jury on June 19th, 2012.

Drunk Driving is Severely Frowned Upon

Kevin Davis was ordered to pay compensatory damages amounting to a half million dollars and further punitive damages of $8.75 million dollars. It is the biggest ever punitive damages awarded for drunk driving in Tennessee history. The objective of this enormous award was to serve as a deterrent to others from similar activity. The jury delivered the strongest possible message in unambiguous terms that Tennessee will not tolerate drunk driving.

Brain Dead Decisions

The collision occurred two days before Thanksgiving on Tuesday, November 25th, 2008. Ken Davis, the accused, drank, over a 30-minute period, a half bottle of Southern Comfort whiskey. A few minutes later he climbed into his car and headed for Ooltewah High School. On the way the effects of the alcohol began to take over and he started to pass out. Instead of pulling over he rolled down the window hoping to be revived by the cold air. Instead, he passed out totally, drifted across to the opposite lane and collided head-on into a car driven by an 18-year old student returning home from a basketball game.

A Life Ruined

The accident was so severe, it necessitated the Jaws of Life which was needed to extract the young student from the wreckage. After multiple surgeries and years of physical therapy the victim is able to walk, having to bear permanent pain though. She will never be able to exercise again or indulge in the normal activities she once loved.

The collision caused Mr. Davis to be convicted on his third DUI ticket.

From Pain to Payoff

If you or a loved one is involved in a DUI accident, do not allow the law to take over. You need to hire a professional law firm to make this wrong a right. The law will take over the legal punishment but you can sue for punitive damages in a civil case. Your accident attorney will let you know that this individual will face a DUI conviction but that does not bring you much financial relief. This is where a drunk driving lawyer steps into the picture and is ready to ensure you receive compensation. Contact the attorneys at Taylor King Law today at 1 (800) CAR-WRECK.

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