Review Witness Statements

Usually private companies will not voluntarily part with any documents, and the only way you can get hold of witness statements is through the discovery process, once you have filed the lawsuit. If the retail store is refusing to provide you with the copy of the incident report and witness statements, then you may get them through the adjuster, once the negotiations are in progress.

The witnesses whose testimonies carry a lot of weight are those who make “statements against interests”. Since the individual is making a statement against himself, it is considered more honest. For instance, an employee of the retail store accepting the circumstances that resulted in your fall, which will actually go on to prove negligence on the part of the retail store.

Talk to Witnesses

Once you have acquired and reviewed the witness statements, you could get in touch with certain witnesses and ask them what they remember. For instance, you could inquire about the substance or object that caused your fall, such as spilt water or looped wire. You could further inquire, if the dangerous situation was reported to the store management and when. Ask if the management took any steps to rectify the situation. Try obtaining as much information as possible, and see if the witnesses permit you to record their statements, since that would be better.

Provide Verification of Lost Income

If your injuries have prevented you from doing your regular job, then you will be claiming lost wages, which the adjuster will want to verify. In such instance, you can hasten the process of verification by asking your employer to provide an official letter of your leave of absence, and income you have lost due to this absence. Make sure the letter is typed or written on company letterhead or any official document such as a company invoice for example.

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