When negotiations with the insurance company are successful, it means you have agreed to a reasonable settlement offered by the adjuster, as payment for your personal injury claim. However, after verbally accepting the proposal there are a few steps you need to take before you receive the payment and the claim is closed.

Mailing Protocol

The first step is to send a confirmation letter that confirms the settlement amount that was offered to you.


You need to keep this signed letter confirming receipt in your records. The confirmation letter can be sent by Certified RRR so that you have proof of mailing the letter and the date it was received by the insurance company. During this same time, you will be receiving a similar letter confirming the settlement amount from the insurance company.

The Release Form

After the confirmation letter, the insurance company will be sending you a release form within 14 to 21 days. Some insurance companies will send the settlement check accompanying the release form, which you are supposed to return after signing it, before cashing the check. Some companies will send only the release form and send the check when they have received the release form duly signed from you. In either case, you need to read the whole release form carefully.

Your Attorney should be Assisting You with this Paperwork

Even though mistakes are unlikely, you need to be sure what the form says and the things you are agreeing to, before putting your signature on the dotted line. You should especially be careful when your claim for property damage remains unsettled, since the language of the form might suggest that the property damage payment is included.

It’s critical during this process that you have a dedicated attorney, who will ensure you’re properly compensated.

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