Staff Spotlight : David Thigpen

Staff Spotlight : David Thigpen

Meet this month’s Staff Spotlight: David Thigpen!

David has been a part of Taylor King Law for 3 years, working in our intake and claims department. “I love a workplace that has a life of its own…the ‘smile’ tells if people enjoy working at a place, and I see a lot of smiles at TKL.” Outside of work, David enjoys spending time with his wife, Rhonda, and two children, Zane and Sealy. “I’m blessed to be married to Rhonda for the past 35 years. And we’ve been blessed with two children that we now consider real ‘friends.’ I love hanging, laughing, and just spending time with them. They keep me grounded, make me laugh, and make me a better me.” It’s David’s faith, family, and friends that he’s most grateful for: “I’ve reached the age to sit back and reflect on the things that are truly a blessing. My goal each day is to squeeze the most joy out of that day and deflect all negativity and worry.”

If you could learn to do anything? Play a musical instrument.

Favorite place in Arkansas? Fayetteville area: I loved going to school at U of A and spending time in the NW part of the state.

Favorite place you’ve traveled to and would like to travel? Being a sports family has taken us all over: Disney World, Destin, Cocoa Beach, Gulf Shores, New Orleans, St. Louis and all points in between. As a sports administrator at HSU I traveled to LA, Chicago, Miami, Phoenix, Atlanta, but I’ve never been to New York City. NYC is a place I’d love to visit with my family.

One thing you couldn’t live without? Basketball is the one constant in my life that gives me the greatest pleasure. Shooting a ball has always been the thing I did consistently. When I had a decision to make, when I was sad, when I was happy, no matter what…I had my basketball and I’d just shoot and think things through. Basketball has allowed me to travel, provided me with an education, and then a career. Basketball introduced me to my future bride. I’d definitely say that a basketball would be the one thing in my life I could not (and would not want to) live without.

If you could only eat one meal? It would definitely be a CHEESEBURGER: burger well-done, bun toasted, melted cheese, lots of mustard, tomato, diced lettuce, and dill pickle relish. Of course, lots of unsweet iced tea, and a peach pie with ice cream for dessert.

What’s something that might surprise people to know about you? I’ve had a lawn mowing service since I was a 10-year-old. I actually love mowing, weed-eating, and manicuring a lawn. Even today I have a few yards I keep up with on the side: mostly ladies of the church who need a helping hand.

If you could bring one fictional character to life? I’d have to say that SpongeBob SquarePants is the character I’d love to hang out with. I can see me and my kids hanging with SpongeBob and Patrick, going on some super adventures. There has never been a more positive and fun character. How much fun would this be?

Favorite music artist? As a child of the 70s, it is without a doubt Led Zeppelin.

Favorite color? Red (never purple!)

Favorite thing about working at Taylor King Law? I love working at TKL. I find it challenging. It provides daily structure and puts me around energetic, committed, and driven coworkers. I enjoy watching coworkers who are committed to getting a resolution in an effective and timely manner.

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