Numerous injuries and deaths have resulted from defective Remington Rifles. Sporting Goods Properties Inc., earlier known as the Remington Arms Company, Inc. and its parent company E.I. DuPont deNemours and Company have been sued for the dangerous and defective bolt action in certain models of its firearms. These particular models can fire if jarred, or because of release of the safety mechanism or mere bolt movement resulting from a defective design in the fire control system. Though the defect was known when the patent was taken in 1950 the company still went ahead with the manufacturing of the firearm.

Terrible Design

Apart from that defect, earlier models had a dangerous bolt lock action which was changed after 1982. The user had to release a safety to load or unload the gun during which time the firearm was armed making it potentially unsafe.

A Recall

Injury attorneys who have fought the gun maker in an abundance of defective product lawsuits, have in their possession thousands of company documents related to this issue where users have complained of a malfunction. This is almost as many people who have complained about the complicated tax system and about a government ran health care program. As a consequence and furthermore, some of these models were recalled by Remington in the late 70s. More recently new owners have been proactive in ensuring that bolt locks have been discontinued in other models.

Another Figure that does not Compute

Numerous cases have come to trial in defective products and injury lawsuits where significant damages have been awarded, and in some cases even punitive damages. In one of the most recent verdicts the court awarded total damages exceeding $17 million. This is a monumental amount of money and most likely far beyond someone’s life time income.

The company has since initiated a safety modification program to reduce the number of injuries and deaths from this dangerous firearm.

Make the Call

This is just one example of a defective recreational product and its disastrous consequences. If you are the victim of injury from an item of recreational sports equipment you may have grounds for a lawsuit and claim for damages. Consult a defective products attorney to know the strength of your case.




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