Did you know that you are entitled to monetary compensation if you have slipped or tripped and sustained an injury because your walking path contained physical hazards that the authorities, owners, and/or administrators of the property you were in or walking through, failed to notice or remove? Most states make it mandatory that business and property owners maintain their premises to make it safe for movement for people who have been invited to that place or property. Otherwise, the owner of the premises can be sued and damages claimed for pain and suffering, treatment and rehabilitation costs, and lost wages. Slip and trip accidents are categorized under personal injuries and if you or a loved one had been unfortunately involved in one, you will need to consult a personal injury accident lawyer to claim the appropriate and necessary damages.

Gathering Evidence & Information

Not known to many, there are several categories of fall accidents that merit personal injury suits. Apart from the self-explanatory trip-and-fall and the slip-and-fall accidents, personal injuries can also result from a step-and-fall accident caused by an unexpected hole or failure in the walking surface, or a stump-and-fall accident caused by an impediment in the walking surface. While filing personal injury lawsuits, the nature of the accident should be mentioned in details. The information should also include the names and testimonials of all those who had witnessed both the accident and the conditions that led to it, along with other relevant information pertaining to the lighting and weather (in case of accidents that have taken place outside) conditions.

An Open Door

Many personal injury accident victims are not sure about who can be held responsible for their plight. In some cases, where a business owner has rented space from a property holder, both of them are accountable for a fall accident. Again, in states where there is not any law that prohibits the collection of damages from government bodies, an individual can also sue the municipal body of a city for fall accidents that have occurred due to improperly maintained sidewalks, benches, rails, stairs, and so forth.

Extraordinary Representation

These nitty-gritties of a case may be hard to fathom; therefore, when involved in a fall accident that has taken place due to the negligence of another party, it is a wise policy to hire the services of a competent lawyer. At Taylor King Law we know how to handle your case, and are prepared to be on your side, and by your side.




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