A deposition is an important procedure that takes place before the trial in a personal injury case. Most depositions take place in the conference room of a law firm, and there is no judge present. However, a court reporter will swear in the parties who are giving the answers to the questions asked.

Determining the Truth

What is said during a deposition plays an important part in the trial, and the statements recorded can be used as evidence. Therefore, it becomes integral for the victim to be prepared to answer questions accurately and truthfully during a deposition. If you are the victim, here are a few tips that will help you in a personal injury deposition.

Required Materials

First consult with your attorney, and inquire about who will be present at the deposition. Ask whether you are required to bring along any documents or medical records. Depositions can take a long time, and hence find out how long the session will last and if there is a time limit.

Suitable Preparation

The other aspect of being ready for the deposition will be how you present yourself and how you answer the questions. Here are a few points to consider, so that things go in your favor at a deposition:

  • Groom yourself properly and dress well.
  • Answer questions truthfully, and make sure you are speaking loudly and clearly.
  • Deposition is basically a question and answer session, and it is not a platform for you to air your opinions or make small talk. Hence, give precise answers, without diverting from the topic.
  • Do not be in a hurry to answer. Listen to the full question, and take time to collect your thoughts. If you feel, you have not understood the question fully then ask for an explanation.
  • Request a break when you need one, and it is better not to talk off the record during the break.
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